Life Is Spiritual


We all have spiritual hunger.

Living Grace Dianella is a group of people hungry for the sacred Scriptures, for teaching, for prayer, for silence, for singing, and for sharing good food and wine with friends!

As people who were created spiritually, we yearn for authenticity and depth. We believe Jesus Christ is the only one who can feed this deep hunger, and we live this out in our relationships with one another.

Living Grace Dianella encourages welcoming, inclusive and intentional relationships.

Whether your spiritual adventure is just starting, or you have been following Jesus Christ for years, you can be part of a rich, nurturing community with many spaces in which to wonder and wrestle with your faith.

We invite you to find in us a safe place.

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Sunday Church

Living Grace Dianella is the ministry of Dianella Church of Christ Inc. Our faith community meets every Sunday 9:30am to 10:30am.

Find us at 68 Waverley Street, Dianella.

Call us during the week on 92753773


Listen at your leisure

Listen regularly to our Sunday sermons,
Check in every week to see what’s new.