Nurturing spiritual life as followers of Jesus Christ


Welcome to a unique spiritual community.

Everybody’s faith grows when people of all ages worship and learn together. Living Grace Dianella has been meeting for over 50 years and we are proudly intergenerational. We are in union with the wider church and are a part of the Churches of Christ in Western Australia.

We are fortunate to have many wise souls among us, and value their presence and contributions to our community. They are present to listen, pray with you, teach you to pray or simply chat when we gather. You can ask for time with an elder on Sunday or through the Contact Us.

Simple, passionate church

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We meet each Sunday from 9:30am to 10:30am, at 68 Waverley Street, Dianella. You are welcome, whatever your age, faith position, cultural background, or gender.

We sing in praise and worship, take communion and acknowledge God in our giving. Our preaching springs out from the sacred text – the Bible – into our lives. Our worship and spirituality are deeply rooted in the classic Christianity of the ancient church, blended with the current.

We sometimes use liturgy when we pray and gather. Liturgy provides repetition and ritual and a familiarity enabling participation for all ages, for those whose first language is not English or who do not read easily. It gently provides a nourishing depth and richness. 

Sacred spaces

Be still and know that I am God.
— Psalm 46:10

We have beautiful, sacred spaces for you to encourage you in prayer, meditation or silence. One of these is our labyrinth and prayer garden.

Labryinths are paths of peace, prayer and contemplation. There is a Christian tradition of walking a path while praying, symbolic of the spiritual journey. The labyrinth has only one path leading into the centre and the same path leads back out. This reminds us we are not lost.

Our labryinth and prayer garden is being shaped and nurtured to be a fragrant, quiet, lush place of life and restoration. This space reminds us to pause, still our minds and focus on God.

Whether you are a part of our faith community, or simply live in the area, and need to slow down, we invite you to enjoy our garden and take a step closer to God. If you would like some guidance on how to walk a prayer labyrinth, we would be delighted to talk to you.

Senior Minister Monica O’Neil

Mon serves the community at Living Grace for half of her ministry time. The other half of her service is spent in Leadership Development of pastors and leaders as Director of Vose Leadership.

Educational Background, Master of Arts (Ministry)

Mon completed her first ministry qualification in the early 80’s and finished (at least for now) with a Master of Arts (Ministry) through Vose Seminary. She also has Pastoral Counselling training from Perth Bible College, Mediation Training through Relationships Australia and a current Cert IV in Training and Assessment.

Pastoral History

Monica, has been involved in pastoral ministry, including leadership, in rural and city churches since 1985, Her work has involved church planting, leading in a megachurch and being involved in the formation of students and practicing ministers in the Vose Seminary and Vose Leadership contexts.

After focusing solely on Seminary and Leadership development for some years Mon is now returning to local ministry, and retaining her work with leaders and ministers.

Mon sees love and an unforced spirituality at the heart of Living Grace Dianella and considers it a great honour to have been called to serve here.

Leadership Developer

She has significant mentoring, coaching and supervisory experience which began as a combination of having a counselling practice and offering pastoral supervisor in the megachurch environment. Mon and her Vose team coach, supervise and mentor individual ministry leaders and teams, as well as delivering sought after PD to church and educational leaders. Mon serves on the leadership of Australian Christian Mentoring Network.

Family and Interests

Monica is married to Michael and they have three adult children and two grandsons. She enjoys running and renovating/ restoration projects, although she knows sometimes ‘enjoy’ would not be the first word coming to mind in the middle of those pursuits.

Governance And Spiritual Oversight

Living Grace Dianella is well served by the Board of Governance and the Spiritual Overseers. We thank the following people for their valuable contribution:

Board Members

Ailsa Williams

Ken Leeden, Kim Bowers, Jan Bowers, Ray Tinetti, Marian Affleck, Kaaren Dorn, Sheryl Stone.

Spiritual Overseers

Patricia Stitt
Gary Dorn
Merrin Leeden
Kim Bowers
Grant Stone

Listen at your leisure

Listen regularly to our Sunday sermons,
Check in every week to see what’s new.